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New season starting


We checked our two tbh yesterday. They wintered fine. We didn’t need to feed, they still have a little honey. We didn’t harvest much honey because it was the first year. They have a lot of empty comb. I was a little uncertain about tbh but I think they’re fine. Our langstroth did well. When we checked it I was surprised to find a lot of brood and some uncapped honey. I don’t know where they got it so early in the season but something is blooming in their range.



Good to hear your hives are doing well after their first year. I saw your other post about having a comb break off due to heat. Are you in the Portland area? What were the temperatures during that time, and was it hot over a series of days?

I’m in Ohio and looking at a location that’s in full sun and am concerned about having the same thing happen.




Glad to hear it, Rich!