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New package install- welches or


Just installed my first package Saturday afternoon- was great! Was noticing this morning when I looked through the window only a handful bees on the queen cage and 99% of them clustered into a corner in the top bar hive was wondering this is pretty normal? I was worried I made too big of a hole in the fondant of the queen cage. I’m thinking maybe the queen was already released and in the larger cluster? Thanks - I don’t see any come yet but it’s hard to see with all the bees clustered in one area.


Hi Abey,

Great question and thanks for posting! I think that your observations are spot on, unfortunately, and it looks like you’ve got an early queen release. Now comes in the art of beekeeping. One option is that your bees are doing what is known as “balling”, which is a way the colony kills a queen. Another option is that they already have accepted her and have just clustered around her.

Since it is hard to determine your queen’s viability at this juncture, we’d recommend keeping an eye on your colony for a week or a week and a half. Are they building comb? Are they doing orientation flights? If yes, then your bees are settling into the hive just fine. If not and you need to get them a new queen, our apiary Honey Bee Genetics, overnights queen bees.

Please give us a call at 1-877-325-2221 if you have more questions and we would be more than happy to talk you through this!

Guinevere @ Bee Thinking


Hi again Abey,

We have an extra homeless queen available ASAP if you’d like to go ahead and requeen your bees. If you’d like to go with this option, please call us 1-877-325-2221 or the retail store (503) 477-7205 as soon as possible.

Thank you!
Guinevere @ Bee Thinking