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New installation from hell


I receievd my 4 pound package of NW carnies on April 7th, the food was out and had an hour drive home. It was too cold, but I had to install the bees. 5 top bars where missing from hive so cut some one by temporarily to fill the back behind a redneck false back. The queen arrived alive, but no candy, so I just opened the cork and hung her between 4th and 5th bar. I never saw a dead queen on floor and she was out fo the cage. The weather was miserable for days high of 36 snow wind but I decided after a couple of days to put a heater under the hive and warm them up so they started eating. The weather has been 46DEG F, 59 deg F and today 59 deg F, they have been flying, eating a quart of 2:1 syrup/day. I just refiled the feeder and looked inside and the bees are still bearded up and I cannot find any combs being built. I have to check the hive daily to feed them so I am worried the queen is dead. I do not know what is going on as this is my first hive. Any help?


Well in the 40s yesterday and the bees where flying and the bees look brighter in color, today still in the 40s warmer temps promised this week, and they are already flying out of the hive, I am hoping as the weather warms to 70 by Sunday they can start making comb.