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Need Help. Really Confused



A couple weeks ago I looked in my hive. The only brood that I found was drone brood along with the queen. So I ordered a new queen a picked her up today because I didn’t want my colony to collapse. Before installing her I was looking for the old queen and couldn’t find her. But I did find a couple supersedure cells with larva and royal jelly in them. I’m really confused because how is a new queen made when the old queen was only laying drone brood. I mean I didn’t see a single worker cell.

Anyways what should I do with the new queen I ordered…plus I can’t find the old queen.

Any advice?


Drew Van Roekel


It sounds like there must have been more than just drone brood even though it was not obvious. As far as I understand things, the bees will keep the queen they prefer and kill the other. It may be best to let them decide what to do. If it were me, I think that is what I would do. Hopefully you will get more answers.


Yes. if she is a week queen or laying a lot of drones they will replace her. This is tricky situation, if you try to introduce your new queen and they have started supersedure cells they will more than likely kill the introduced queen…
You could check all frames and remove all queen cells, make sure you have no queen and wait 24 hour, then place your new queen in a push in cage to introduce her. That way she can start laying eggs right away. This way if they do kill her they have fresh eggs to start a new queen. I had two hives do something similar to your situation last year and they accepted the queen in one hive and killed the queen in the other but used her fresh eggs to replace her.
I hate to see you lose a new queen, how big is this hive. If it is really strong you may be able to split it. Leave the queen cells for the one hive, and shake half the bees for the new queen. You have to have a really strong hive to do that with and make sure you don’t have any laying workers, or queens of any kind. Cells, Virgins, or old Queen, or want to be queen (laying worker/s) Good luck. Hope it all works out for you. Like I said, Tricky situation.


Yes! So what I ended up doing was actually splitting the hive. One hive had all the supersedure cells with nurse bees, honey, pollen, ect. Then in the other hive I placed the new queen I had bought. When I came back two days later all the bees in the hive with the supersedure cells were gone (I assume they went back to their old home). The hive with the new queen let her out and she’s doing great. She’s laying and I haven’t noticed anything unusual. Hope this helps!


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