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Moving into Warre


Howdy! I just discovered Warre Hives and they look rather interesting. Problem is…I have two Langstrom hives already. So my question is: Can I move the bees from one Langstrom Hive to a Warre Hive? OR should I start a new Warre Hive from scratch?


Good question!

The short answer is it is easiest to start a Warre hive with a package of bees and allow them to build out comb from scratch. It is more difficult to preform a split of an existing Langstroth hive with a Warre because the Langstroth frames do not fit with within the dimensions of the Warre hive. Warre hives are top bar hives and do not utilize frames as Langstroth hives do.

You can add a modified Langstroth box to a Warre hive and slowly funnel bees into a Warre. This requires some wood working knowledge. Alternatively you can preform a split by physically cutting and attaching comb from Langstroth frames onto Warre top bars. This is a challenging process that requires cutting through brood comb.

If you have any further questions about this process feel free to reach out to our customer service department by phone at 877-325-2221 or by email at support@beethinking.com .