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Mite monitoring board


I have two of your top bar hives set up with swarms we lured in, and they are doing well. I want to set up a sticky board to watch for mites, but I’m not sure how to do that.

I have the screened bottom option on the hives, and have the white corrugated plastic insert in place, since it’s not that warm where I am at. Do I pull out that plastic insert and coat it with oil to make the monitoring board, or do I need to attach something else to it to act as a sticky trap? I hope this question makes sense…



Hi - I purchased a top bar hive with the screen bottom earlier this year, and I have been spraying the plastic insert with Pam (cooking spray) and checking on it / cleaning it off about once a week. No mites yet, but my understanding is that doing this will catch them. It has done a good job of capturing some SHB larvae that got into brood comb I introduced from a cut-out.

Hope that helps!



Thanks for the tip! I think I will just use the plastic insert as the mite board, as you’ve done, I don’t think another layer of anything would fit in to the slot, anyway. The Pam is a great idea!


pdub’s suggestion is a good one. Even without the Pam, you’ll often see mites on the insert.