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Mildew on top bars?


I opened the lid of my BeeThining TBH today and noticed what looks like the beginning of mildew on top of a few of the bars. Nothing major, but certainly some light grey dappling.

Was wondering what, if anything, I should do about this? A few of the affected bars have comb on them, but others are unoccupied, so to speak. Does the mildew pose any threat to the colony?

I did apply a tung oil finish to the hive when I got it last summer. Guess it’s time to recoat when the weather warms up?

Also, living in Portland, I’m not sure what else I can do to keep the hive any drier than it is…





Most hives, regardless of style, get some mold/mildew build up in the roof area due to condensation, with little to no impact on the colony itself. I’ve seen some very shoddy hives, full of holes and LOTS of mold come through winter just fine. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.




I agree. We had a stored langstroth deep that got mildew on it. I Googled it. Should have come here first. The bees will clean up any mold or mildew that they have access to.