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Merging two langstroths



Thank you for helping us yesterday when we picked up our first Warre hive from you. You gave us advice regarding merging a one box langstroth which I used last month to capture a cast swarm, onto an existing langstroth with a combination of foundation and foundation-less frames. We decided not to hunt for and kill a queen, but let the bees take care of it themselves. My question: would you use the newspaper technique between the two hives to delay fusion and perhaps decrease causalities and conflict? Or any other suggestion?

Again, thanks.



It would depend on how many bees are in the hive your merging with the stronger one. If it’s only a couple frames of bees, I would probably just give them a couple puffs of smoke and then move the frames. If it’s relatively full, then I’d do a newspaper combine. I usually use 1 sheet of newspaper, wet it and cut some slits in it.