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Maximizing Honey Production


I was a bit confused this year on how to manage honey production. Do you just plonk three honey supers on in June and then hope for the best? Or are there ways to finesse the nectar season?

Advice welcome!




With a Langstroth hive (I’m assuming this is a Langstroth hive you’re referring to), there are a number of things that can be done to maximize honey production.

One of the most important, of course, is to get supers on ahead of the flow. Once a super is almost full, you can move some frames up into the next empty super. I like to have my empty super on the bottom of the stack, this way the bees can access it quicker and don’t have to walk past 1 or multiple other full supers. This, of course, requires a bit more inspecting.

I’m not sure if you’re using foundation, but if you’ve got some frames that are already drawn out (foundation or not), this can expedite things in a strong nectar flow.

Swarming will cut into honey production. Try and minimize swarming (I don’t like to stop it entirely like some beekeepers).



Thanks for that Matt, and could you expand on minimizing swarming? I will have outyards next year so can do more sophisticated management, but for my back yard hive, the neighbours have KITTENS over the prospect of swarming, so I have to keep that hive strictly under control. How do I manage it for swarm prevention AND get the best out of the nectar flow.

And yes, I have one Langstroth, one TBH I bought from you, so discussing the finer points of management for each would be helpful for my 2013 adventures!