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Leaving honey for the bees to clean up


I have always heard about leaving honey-covered equipment outside near the hives, for the bees to clean up. However, whenever I try this, I end up killing many workers who get stuck in the sticky trap. Eg: Harvested honey, left out large roasting pan, food grade plastic containers, 5 gallon buckets, etc. Only honey that I couldn’t scrape off or drip off left on equipment, but no matter what, bees get stuck in landing to feed. Any suggestions? My spouse tells me to forget about feeding this to the bees, just rinse equipment off with water.




I, too, always have some bees die in the feeding frenzy. If you spray it off with water outside (in grass or something else so you don’t get puddles), the bees will still be able to gather the diluted honey and take it back, and you may run into fewer issues with bees getting stuck.