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Leaving a Warre Hive Alone


First: Great site learning a lot. Now my issue; I read a posting here, by a guy, (and now can’t find it) saying he just wanted to help the environment and take a hands off (relatively speaking) approach to looking after his WH. My plans are similar - just let the bees do their thing in one of your fine hive box(es) but you said something like "I’d add box 3 and 4… I don’t remember the rest of what you said. So, if I get the gest of what was said, and I just want the bees to fend for themselves the majority of time, I should make the hive four boxes high and they’ll be happy? They just need a taller house? Why yes, yes I am a beginner; how could you tell. Thanks for your time in answering the same question again.


A lot of the time bees can do well without us. There are thousands of not millions of feral honey bee colonies throughout North America doing their thing with no one intervening. However, there are times where human intervention can help the colony. That said, I would give them at least 3 Warre boxes of volume to get through the year with enough honey stores. Ideally I’d place the colony high up (10+ feet) – I’d use the tips about feral locations from "Honeybee Democracy(http://www.beethinking.com/products/honeybee-democracy) and “Swarm Traps and Bait Hives” (http://www.beethinking.com/products/swarm-traps-and-bait-hives) to give them the ideal nesting site!