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Langstroth insulation box


So How do you install the LANGSTROTH INSULATION BOX? Do you put it on top of the innercover? Or do you put the LANGSTROTH INSULATION BOX then the inner cover on top of the LANGSTROTH INSULATION BOX?


No one has an answer to my question?


I have a Warre but probably the same. My insulation box has a cloth bottom then with shavings inside. I place the insulation right on top of the bees and the cover on top of that. That helps absorb moisture during winter and keeps them warm also.


Hi Keeper 6234!

We recommend putting Langstroth insulation boxes over the inner cover. You could put it on the hive without the inner cover so long as you have a piece of separator material like cloth or canvas to make sure the bees don’t propolize the bottom of the insulation box to the hive, which can be very hard to remove!

I hope this helps!
Rebekah + Bee Thinking