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Introducing powered sugar into a HTBH


I read in P.J. Chandler’s book that he has a removable bottom board for his hive, and thus, makes it easier for him to apply powered sugar to the bees for mite control.

he mentions setting up some sort of mechanical blower that is able to be “blown” on the bees from underneath the bottom board.

If you do not have a removable bottom board…what other method would be good to get that powered sugar on the bees?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the post.

According to this http://www.ibra.org.uk/articles/20090217_5 and other studies, powdered sugar is ineffective at best. I do not recommend dusting with sugar. We’ve never dusted or treated any of our colonies whatsoever and we are doing well with an average winter loss of around 15-25% depending on the year. This is better than most of our friends using Langstroth hives, and some of them treating with powdered sugar or other things.




Thanks Matt!

i’ll trust you and not worry about it then!