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Installing nuc w/frames into foundationless hive?Good or Bad idea?


Hi All,

I have ordered Langstroth Hives w/foundationless frames from Beethinking for my bees for this spring. I was considering installing a nuc vs pkg bees. This would mix the nuc frames that contain foundation with my new foundationless frames. Is this really not the way to go?? Im re-thinking that this may not be a good idea. My reasoning for the nuc was to take advantage of an established colony which seemed like a great idea given that I live in Maine and our season is very short.

Id appreciate thoughts on this. I need to purchase my bees this week.

Thank you !!


There is nothing wrong with that Idea. As the colony begins to grow over the summer you can rotate the old frames to the outside and let the bees make new comb on fresh foundationless frames. Then remove the old frames when they become empty during the summer dearth after they use up the resources stored on them. Just make sure you inspect the NUC for any SHB, AFB, EFB, Verona mites, Nosema stains and the such. You don’t want to start out with any problems right out of the box. Although if your looking for the cleanest install in new equipment then a package of 3 or 5 pounds would be a safer bet. You will just have to feed them more than a NUC to get fresh comb drawn out. Also make sure to place your new undrawn frames in between the already fully drawn NUC frames or they will overdraw the foundationless frames. Good luck.


Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely weigh the pros and cons of what you describe…makes perfect sense…

Thanks again!