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I'm a new beekeeper looking into starting a warre hive


Hi, as the title says I’m new to beekeeping and have been looking into natural beekeeping and the warre hives have really excited me! Is there anything I need to know up front before investing in one of the hives? I’ve been reading about keeping bees but all the books are about box frame hives and I haven’t found any about top bar hives or warre hives. Do you have any reccomendations? Is there anything dramaticly different about the warre hives compared to other hives or do you think I’ll be able to figure it out as I go?



Thanks for your question!

I definitely recommend reading Warre’s book, Beekeeping for All, if you’d like the specifics on the Warre hive. We sell the printed version on our store (http://www.beethinking.com/store/books- … ng-for-all), or you can download it for free at the following amazing resource:


Any information you might need about the Warre hive is likely available at the above site. We’re continually expanding our Warre and Top Bar Hive information section on this site, too.

I recommend finding a local mentor – preferably one using Warre hives (or one who is open to them!).

Warre hives are significantly less “hands on” than either horizontal top bar hives or especially Langstroth hives. The bees will be building their own natural comb, and you’ll be adding empty boxes below (nadiring) rather than on top (supering).

Read all that you can – there is a LOT of information on the internet! I’m always available to help via this forum, e-mail or phone.




Thanks! I’ll look into it :slight_smile: