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I need a fast response to this question. Yellow jackets


I have been having an issue with yellow jackets around my beehive killing some of my honeybees. As far as I can tell that have not gotten into into my honey bee hive. I could not find the nest until My neighbor called today and said they have bees. so I checked it out and It is that nasty yellow jacket hive in the wall of there house. it looks big from the amount of bees coming and going. They said they are going to spray a few cans of expanding foam insulation into the hole tomorrow night. My question, will that kill the yellowjackets or should they do something else before they do that?


That will probably work fine as long as there are no other entrances nearby. If there are, the yellow jackets (a wasp species) will find them and more foam, etc. will be required.


I had a similar problem and used wasp spray and seven dust.