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I hope I didn't stop feeding too early


So here we are almost May here in Massachusetts. I installed a package in a new bee thinking Warre hive 8 days ago with a double jar top feeder. The first 2 days they guzzled down a whole quart. After that they slowed down a lot.

The queen is released. The bees are bringing in lots of pollen. Maple and dandelions are in bloom. Spring is definitely here.

I remember a post from Matt saying he tries to stop feeding syrup and encourage foraging. So today I made the decision to do it. I just wanted to know if the bees should be able to handle this. I would hate to have to add the feeder back but I will if it’s critical. I would love to hear some other opinions. Thanks!


If they have stopped taking human food that means they found their own source. That is when I remove food. But that’s just the way I do it.

I installed two new hives. Between them both I don’t think they have consumed more than a half to three quarters of a gallon since 4/16. I removed feeders yesterday 4/28.

I am sure they will be fine. Good luck


Thanks for the tip, Hammish! They were definitely mad yesterday when I removed the top feeder. They were fanning and buzzing like crazy. Probably just because they were protecting their queen and not because I took their human food away.

Anyway, today they are back to business, foraging and scouting. There’s a high pollen warning on the news today. I’m sure they bees are thrilled!



I agree with Hammish and it sounds like your instincts were right on! As long as your bees have plenty of water and blooming flowers, they should be building comb and your queen making brood.

As always, if you have any questions about your hive or beekeeping in general, please give us a call at 1-877-325-2221.

Happy beekeeping!
Guinevere @ Bee Thinking


You guys are great! Thanks. As luck would have it, it’s been light rain and overcast for the past few days. However I notice the ladies will take the opportunity in any break in the weather to fly. Even at 50 degrees! Hopefully they’re getting the food they need for the colony. There are still many flowering trees around.


Thanks for the compliment! It sounds like you’ve got some great beekeeping observational skills, so I’m sure they will be fine with you as their beekeeper!

Guinevere @ Bee Thinking


Unfortunately even a good beekeeper can’t control the weather. They are on day 5 of 45-50 degree weather with no sun. Yes, there are still flowering plants, but I feel terrible for taking away the syrup and then we get this week-long stretch of dreary weather. Things are suppose to warm up to upper 50s tomorrow and no sun for 3 more days. I just hope they are not going to starve.