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How to merge a nut into an established TBH



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Warre 1

Nuc 1

About 3 weeks ago one of my very useful neighbors captured a swarm from one of my hives while I was out of town, and I told him to put it into one of your Nucs, which was empty. Now, I would like to add those bees to a smaller colony in TBH2. Since I presume that both the NUC1 and TBH2 have queens, how would I go about adding the bars from the nut into the TBH2? Do I let the queens fight it out, do I try to find one and snuff it? I can’t let the NUC1 continue much longer without it becoming overcrowded.





Sorry for the delayed response.

You can do either – kill one queen, or let them figure it out. As long as there are eggs in one of the hives, they can fix it if something happens to both queens. I would smoke both colonies liberally and then combine, putting the smaller colony toward the back (away from the entrance of the full-size hive).