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How Long Does It Take - What is Normal & What Is Not


NewBee here…Live in North Georgia Mountains…Set up my first hive (std. Langstroth single box) and installed my Nuc (2 weeks ago) into the hive. Feeding sugar water (1:1 Strength). Bees are building comb and have some (but not full) comb on three frames with the one in the middle having the most. Is this a normal pace? What is considered fast and/or slow progress? When do I add another box?

PS: Have Warre hive on order to set up my second hive.


Hello! Congratulations on your first set up, and what sounds like a great start to your beekeeping spring! Comb development is going vary depending on local climate, the amount of bees present in a hive, and sometimes just the genetic lead of the bees. The drawing of the comb seems appropriate, as the queen is likely is laying her brood on that center comb, with her bees clustered around her, thus the newer of the combs flanking the center one. We suggest continuing to monitor them in the coming 1-2 weeks, as if normal, you’ll see a dramatic increase in comb building in advance of height of local nectar flows. When the bees start drawing their last 1-2 frames in the box, it might be smart to add that additional box to your beehive!


Sounds great. Thanks for the info and for the encouraging words.