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How do bees use their comb?


Sorry if this is a dopey question. But in terms of general management of both a top bar and a warre (I have brand new colonies this season in each) how exactly do the bees use their comb? Do they have comb dedicated to honey and others dedicated to brood? Or are they all mixed use? (Example: brood, nectar/pollen, strip of honey at the top. I see this configuration a lot in my own hives.) Is mixed use the way they always do it and if so, how do you ever end up with a frame dedicated to capped honey that you can harvest? Or do they change the usage of their combs as time moves on? In the Warre if they’re eventually filling up comb and moving down into the other boxes wouldn’t they at some point be putting honey into comb that used to have brood?

Thanks in advance for your time and answers!