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Hive winter survival


I recently started keeping a bees using a TBH, after a 35 years lapse. Lately I have read several people writing about their hive dying in the winter, maybe 50% die. 35 Years ago I never remember anyone talking about hives dying in the winter. As I recall hives dying in the winter was rare 35 years ago. Am I correct in thinking this a modern hive problem ???



Thanks for the post. Beekeeping has changed a lot in the past 35 years. There are new threats to the honeybee that either weren’t in the US, or were just beginning to spread. The average loss in the Portland Metro area this past winter was at least 50%, regardless of hive type. Varroa mites, Nosema, pesticides, etc. all contribute to this. While at other times it seems like a mystery why they die. Either way, beekeeping can be difficult and I like to be clear with new beekeepers that there colony will die – it’s just a matter of when.