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So an interesting situation has developed in my top bar hive and wondering what is going on and what, if anything, I Should do about it. Situation: colony was starting to build up this spring then stopped. Noticed K-wing in a quite number of bees with poor clustering (though they are now clustering better a month later). Queen stopped laying. Now I am noticing spotty drone cells scattered around the comb but no other brood or eggs. There is a queen - saw her today - and two supercedure cells. Do I have a laying worker, a queen AND supercedure cells? Should I do anything at all if there are supercedure cells? Seems if there are supercedure cells the hive is fixing their own problem. The current work force is bringing plenty of nectar but not much pollen (presumably because there is no brood to feed). Was wondering if giving them some brood from another colony would help with the laying worker issue until they got a new queen.


Interesting situation. Are the supercedure cells capped? When is the last time you looked in prior to this? There weren’t supercedure cells then, I assume?