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Heat damage to top bar


Well the hottest day in three years took it’s toll on one of my top bars. I went to check the hives yesterday and saw bearding on both top bars. The box hive had no bearding. It’s about eight feet from the top bars. On further inspection of the top bars i found one with a comb broke off. The bees hadn’t stuck it to the sides yet for support. There was some brood lost but not much.


Will you try to reattach it or just let the bees work it out? I have heard of people wiring comb to the top bars, but it seems to me if the comb is hot/soft enough to fall, the wire would cut right through it.


This happens from time to time, especially on fresh honey combs on hives that have swarmed recently (in the last month or two). This is because the hive will have less bees to cool it to an optimal temperature, so the combs start to go (usually those at the end). I’d just pull it out and eat it myself, as it’s usually too difficult to get those fresh honey combs to stay attached once they’ve fallen off.




I’m just letting the bees clean it up. I adjusted it so the brood could be saved. It was the end frame so there was room. This hive is from a swarm I caught in may. It seemed that a lot of the bees were bearding outside. The hive was in direct sun.