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Getting bees to start building on the top of the frame


Next season will be my first year starting a beehive. How do you attract the bees to start building on the top of the Foundationless Langstroth frames (medium) instead of starting the bottom of the frame? Very soon, I will be placing my first order with you

Bob R from Massachusetts



Sorry for the delayed response. If you add empty boxes to the bottom, they always start at the top of the frame and build down. However, if you add on top with nothing in the box except foundationless frames, they often build from the bottom of the frame up, creating some very crooked comb. To deter them from doing this, I find moving a comb or two from the outside of the box below up into the empty box, as this usually encourages them up into the box, and then they begin building down from the combs next to the drawn combs.


    Thank You Sir. :blush: