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Foundation-less frames in langstroth super


I bought a medium super with Foundation-less frames for my langstroth hive from you. It was a perfect fit. My daughter checked the hive this afternoon and they are building comb at fast rate. The problem is they are building from the bottom up. it is in only two frames, one is about half way up the frame and the other one is just started. I can’t find anything on the web that seems to be a good solution. One site said to cut it out and have them start over but that can’t the total fix. Do you have any suggestions?

P.S how is the swarm supply?



Thanks for your post. Do you happen to have any medium frames WITH foundation? If you put a few in the box, often they will move up into those, and then expand from the top down in the frames next to them. Once they’ve drawn out nice, straight foundationless frames, you can then start cycling out the frames WITH foundation.



Here’s a follow up on my last post. I had forgotten just how interesting and surprising beekeeping can be. I didn’t have ready access to any foundation frames and was going to call the beekeeper we got the hive from. I spent a lot of time in the net reading about the problem. My last post was based on information from my daughter. I had not seen the hive. Yesterday we opened the super and the amount of activity in such a short time was amazing. The bees were building comb on five frames and were filling some comb with honey. There was cross comb, comb on the top, sides and bottom. We were able to clean up the frames and keep most of the comb attached to the top. Where we had to tear out the cross comb were able to leave some wax on the top bar hoping they will build on it. We were able to gently turn some comb on the top bars to be parallel with the frame. We shifted the frames around so every frame with comb on the top bar was next to a frame with wax on the top bar. I hope that by shifting good frames with the others everything will work out. We had to sacrifice some empty comb and some filled uncapped comb. We attached some pieces of empty comb to top bars in our two top bar hives since we still don’t have bees for them yet. Maybe with that and the lemongrass oil we will get lucky. We felt a little guilty tasting the ½ cup of honey we collected. We thought about feeding it back but it was so good we didn’t. All in all we both feel positive about this experience. We have a very hard working, gentle hive. Hopefully out turn on the swarm list will come up soon.