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Fondant or Sugar Syrup


They say if you don’t like the weather in Kansas, just wait a minute…

It was 13 degrees this morning but in 48 hours it’s going to be sunny and 52 and there will be 7 days of up to 57 degree temps. These temperature swings are common in Kansas. I assume on the days above 50 my bees will be venturing out of the hive.

I had a feeding station set up just outside the hive this fall. Can I put 2:1 sugar syrup out for them any day it is over 50 degrees? Or is there a reason they should only be given fondant in the winter?


I noticed the bottom of my TBH was covered with dead bees. So I went in today, mild and no wind in PDX, OR, to see what’s up. I had plenty of winter stores of honey and some nectar however I noticed lots of brood comb that never got capped. The brood looked solid not slimey. The bees were calm and curious just like always. It’s a very small amount of bees.