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First Year Kenyan top bar beekeeper


I am a first year Kenyan top bar beekeeper thinking about expanding with an outyard of Warre hives for higher honey production (and less work than the 3 top bars I have near my house). What are the challenges and pitfalls beginner Warre keepers should know about?



Sorry I didn’t see your post sooner. Warre hives work well, especially for those with some beekeeping experience. The challenges of Warre hives are largely related to the hands-off nature of the hive, especially if you have a background of frequent management. Lifting boxes can be tedious, but I recommend doing this with friends, or separating the boxes momentarily while you add the empty boxes below. If you need to inspect individual combs for some reason, you can use a special tool we make: http://www.beethinking.com/ultimate-top-bar-hive-tool

I highly recommend reading Warre’s book to get a better understanding of why he made the hive (http://www.beethinking.com/beekeeping-for-all), as well as David Heaf’s amazing Warre resource at http://warre.biobees.com