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First inspection


OK so we haven’t done a full inspection yet. Because I could see things were going really well through the window. Now I think it’s time to do a full inspection, but I’m afraid of hurting the queen during the process. Quite a few bees were injured during the installation, and it’s made me hesitant to mess with them. We have six bars full of beautiful straight comb.



You don’t have to do a full inspection if you’re not comfortable. You could go through the hive far enough to confirm a laying queen (open brood, single eggs) and then close it up. If you are careful removing and replacing bars you should have little concern about harming the queen. Also, when they are only 6 bars in there are rarely prolific comb attachments up and down the sides – this makes it a much easier inspection than later on when you need to go through fully-attached honey combs!

At this point in time it sounds like all signs point to a healthy colony – they are building comb, their population is strong, etc.