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Early caught swarm behavior


First time poster…
I’ve been an official beek for only five weeks, but spent last winter researching and building. Among my projects was building five swarm traps, three of which have been successful so far! I’m giving the girls a couple of weeks to 'commit" to the trap’s foundation before moving them to my apiary. In the meantime I’m content to stand and watch the comings and goings. Which brings up a question:
I’m not sure how long the first caught swarm was in the trap, but I know the time window of the other two. From day one the traffic in and out of the traps has been hectic, to say the least. Lots busier than any of my package hives. Where are all the girls going in such a frenzy? I mean, they have only occupied the trap hive for one or two days. There can’t be an abundance of comb in there. If they are out foraging, where does the stuff go when they come back? I would think everyone in the hive would be concentrating on building comb, because nothing can happen in a hive without the comb. Anybody have a clue why there is so much comings and goings this early?