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Drones on ground below hive


Hey yall, i just got a top bar nuc swarm yesterday from Matt and have got it installed in my TBH. Bees seem to be doing great, except ive noticed anywhere from three to five drones on the ground below the hive. They arent able to fly and are dying. Is this normal? I also see lots of drones leaving the hive. They appear to look normal. Should i be concerned?

Also, i know im supposed to add bars once they start filling them up, but do i need to add them in the brood area or just to the end of hive where the last combs are?





There are often dead/dying drones outside colonies. Especially if they don’t need so many drones. The drones leaving the hive are likely heading off to mate.

For now you can just add empty bars at the end where the last combs are. Later on (maybe next year), you’ll need to put them between the brood nest and honey in order to prevent them from becoming honey-bound.