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Do you think this is growing as they should?


In your recent newsletter, I saw how your new hive has grown so much. I installed a 3 pound bee package 3 weeks ago. 1st and biggest comb is about 2/3 filled out. the 2nd comb is about 2 inches long. I have a 2 quart sugar syrup feeder 1:1 inside the hive, and they have consumed about 1.5 quarts in 3 weeks. I installed 2 new clean quarts of 1:1 sugar syrup this morning. I also installed 1 pounds of pollen substitute this morning for the first time. I don’t think they are growing/expanding like they should. Matt, Do you think this is growing as they should ?? Maybe I damaged the queen.



Thanks for your post. That hive was one of our customer’s, and it’s doing exceptionally well! Here in Portland, Oregon we rarely see that much growth in the first season. If they build past the halfway point in season one I’m happy with this.

From your post I gather that after installing your package 3 weeks ago and they’ve only built two combs? This is not good. I’d take out those combs and take a picture of each side of them and post them here. This way I can help identify any issues.