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Do I need wax foundation strips with my Warres?


Getting ready to order two Warre hives form Bee Thinking and in the process of adding items to my cart, I began to wonder if I needed any kind wax foundation strips to put in the top bars. I see that the top bars come with comb guides. Is this the same as a foundation strip? I know that one of the features of a Warre hive is that it allows the bees to make their own comb (no foundation), but I’m not clear as to whether this means that the bees begin entirely from scratch… Trying to put it all together here and any advice is appreciated.


Sorry for the delayed response. It seems our forum didn’t let me know of your post!

You don’t need wax of any sort for your Warre hive(s). The bees will make their own. I’ve experimented with adding wax to the guides and I’ve seen no difference in attachment success.