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Do I Need Spacers?


I purchased a Beethinking top bar hive over the winter and am awaiting the arrival of my package bees in a a few weeks. My question is about spacers. I’ve been watching the Backyard Hive/Bee Guardian instructional DVD about TBH management. They use spacers between the bars, but I don’t see any included in my kit. Are spacers necessary or helpful?

Also, I’m wondering if anyone else has had difficulty with any of the wood warping in the BeeThinking kit? I stored my unbuilt hive in a heated bedroom over the winter. When I put it together last week, I discovered that the cedar board that covers the window is warped…so much so that it doesn’t open properly. Everything else in the kit was perfect.

Thanks for the help!


I used spacers last summer between my honey bars and it created a real mess. The bees used some of the spacers to hang comb from and in general I felt that it messed up the bees natural spacing logic.

Good luck.


I don’t know for sure, but I think that those hives that use spacers have narrower bars than Bee Thinking bars to begin with, so the spacers work for that set-up.




You don’t NEED spacers. Some people like them – I don’t use them. I simply leave 1/8" gaps between the bars in the honey stores (where the combs are fatter). The bees propolize the holes up immediately. This seems to work fine in my hives. If you want to use spacers you can take some 1/8" shims or other scrap wood and cut them down to fit.




Hi, I didn’t have any probem with warped boards. Everything fit perfectly. Perhaps the board you have in your kit was cut while still not dried completely and warped as it dried out. It seems like it would be easy for you to replace. Enjoy your hive. :slight_smile: