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Developing a new hive model for northern hobbyists


I wanted to reach out to the community here and first say hello! My name is lisa, and I’ve been a beekeeper for going on 6 years. I got into it because my Grandfather kept bees, and they tickle my sciency side.
In the last two years I’ve been working with a very talented carpenter in redesigning a working hive for northern regions. It’s worked off of langstroth’s original double walled hive, and includes features that currently aren’t all available in one hive design.
I’m in the second season of testing the hive and am looking to expand my test group to collect more data that would make a relevant study of the survival rates as compared to standard hive equipment.
Please check out my link, feel free to ask questions, provide feedback, and help support my goal to make a more sustainable beehive for us northerners.

Thank you for checking it out, and your support