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Cross comb correction


I’m new to top bar hives and beekeeping. Last year I installed a swarm in my hive. They seem to be doing well but toward the end of summer, I noticed lots of cross combing. I decided to leave them alone since it was late in the season and deal with it this spring. When would be the best time to open things up and start trying to get rid of the cross comb? I’m in the Portland, OR area.



Once the weather warms and the bees are foraging regularly I would go in and remove any cross comb. Ideally it will be largely surplus honey combs that you can either harvest for yourself or leave out for the bees to rob. If there’s brood, you may want to make the sacrifice to ensure straight comb going forward. I imagine sometime in April is going to be the right time, as long as the rain stops! The earlier you can make the disturbance the more time the bees will have to repair it!

Let me know if you have other questions. Feel free to stop by our shop if you’d like to discuss further.




Thanks for the advice.