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Condensation Problems?


Hey there! I set up my top bar hive about four weeks ago and put my brand new swarm inside. They’ve added about 2.5 bars of new comb since then, and seem a bit sluggish and apathetic. I haven’t gotten a chance to open the hive up all the way since I put them in, but I have been peeking in through the window. I’ve noticed some constant condensation on the window inside the hive. There’s quite a bit of water on the window and there doesn’t appear to be any leaks. I have two entrances uncorked and have blocked all the others.

Is there anything I can do to help them limit the amount of water collecting on that window? I’ve been thinking that this is probably just another symptom of a weaker hive. There doesn’t appear to be any condensation on the window in the section of hive that the bees don’t have access to, I was thinking about maybe moving the end cap closer to their comb so they have less area that they have to regulate (especially since they have been SO sluggish about building comb). I’m planning on opening them up on the next sunny day to investigate a little bit further. Any advice?