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Clean up after shb infestation


Small hive beetles have devastated my weak hive. (The strong, queenright hive nearby seems to be doing fine.) This hive had queen issues from the beginning and only has a few combs and a few handfuls of bees left. I’m wondering if anyone here can give me advice or direct me to a good resource on how to clean the hive and what to do with the remaining bees.

My impulse is to brush them off the combs, clean up the combs (throw away in sealed bag) then move and clean the hive. Might the survivors gain entrance into the strong hive since there aren’t too many of them?



I’d brush the stragglers in front of the strong hive. Then if the combs are too far gone, you could render them down with a solar wax melter or with your method of choice. Otherwise you can freeze them which will kill the beetle larvae.