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Center combs now connected


I’ve been checking my top bar hive 5-6 times a week and two days ago all nine combs were straight (I pulled them to look the weekend before). However, I now see two of the middle combs have been connected (seen from viewing window); should I leave it alone, carefully try to cut them apart, or . . . ?


Hi there! It sounds like what you have is brace comb. The bees sometimes build comb connecting the top bars while it is otherwise perfectly straight. This is not a problem, and you can slice through it with your hive tool when doing hive inspections. A great article with pictures can be found here: http://mudsongs.org/frequent-hives-inspections/

I hope this helps!
Rebekah + Bee Thinking


Thank you. I did separate them and moved them between two other straight combs.