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Cedar Bee stand


You know what I would like to see sold at bee thinking is a cedar Hive stand that will fit your 8 or 10 frame LANGSTROTH screened or solid bottom board like this. Sorry for using another business link. I could not upload a photo. http://www.brushymountainbeefarm.com/8-Frame-Hive-Stand/productinfo/254HS/


Same here. I ordered one from Mann Lake


I agree. Was planning to build one because BeeThinking did not offer one. The one they do offer is fine for sitting on a flat surface, but I prefer to place my hives on a 4" x 4" post and build a support under the hive that attaches to the base.


Thank you so much for the suggestion keeper 6234! I will be sure to share the link of the desired item with our milling team to see if we can start offering something like this in the very near future.

Bee well!
Rebekah + Bee Thinking


I just bought another 8 frame cedar LANGSTROTH hive from bee thinking. It has not shipped yet. No rush… I need to order another cedar Hive stand, but if you are going to make them in cedar I will buy it from you.


photos would be greatly appreciated