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Building comb on bottom on hive


I noticed my bees have built comb on the metal vetilation screen along the bottom of the hive. I’m not certain if they have attached it to the other existing comb or not. What do I do and why are they doing this?


Hi there! Sometimes bees build comb outside of their frame space. The comb that they build in this areas is often referred to as burr comb. Bees build burr comb to fill in empty space or to reduce ventilation in their hive. If they are building comb on your bottom board they may be trying to reduce ventilation or there may be excess spacing below the frame. Besides making it a little more challenging to remove frames for inspection burr comb is not bad for the hive. As your hive matures more burr comb will be made. You can always remove it if it is impeding your ability to check the frames, the bees may or may not build it back.

Hope that helps! If you have anymore general beekeeping questions feel free to reach out to our customer service department by phone at 877-325-2221 or by email at support@beethinking.com .


Thank you so much for replying so quickly. I’m new to beekeeping this year. My first package absconded; which was heartbreaking. My second ones seem to be doing wonderful so far. I was afraid this was going to be another setback but sound like I’ll just have to watch to make sure they aren’t connecting it to the other comb. Thank you again!