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Brood boxes for starting out


Have questions about brood boxes, should I use 1 brood box or 2 boxes then a medium box or 1 brood box and a medium box with a screen extruder.

Thanks, Jim
Confused !


Hi Jim!

We generally recommend having a brood chamber of 2 deep boxes, or 3 medium boxes. If you were to use a queen excluder in your hive, you would place it on top of the 2 deeps or 3 mediums, and then super empty boxes over the top as the hive expands for them to store honey in. Any additional boxes of honey on top of those 2 deeps or 3 mediums will be safe for you to harvest, and if you use a queen excluder, you will be sure the queen has not been laying any brood in those honey boxes.

I hope this helps!
Rebekah + Bee Thinking