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Broken honey combs


Made a terrible newbie mistake. Dropped the top box when I was requeening. Lost 3 combs full of honey. Unable to re-attach so have been feeding back to girls. My question is about the 3 spaces left in top box. If comb is not rebuilt should I replace it with empty combs or should I just harvest the box and feed it back through the winter. I don’t want to leave a big open space for winter.


If it is a Warre Hive you should just have to make the damaged comb box your bottom box, they will either start to rebuild the comb or move the honey to where they feel they need it. No need to worry as long as its just honey you won’t be braking up any brood clusters. Have a good day.


Thanks, I was over thinking the problem. Seems so simple when someone else says it. I am learning so much. Thanks for the feedback.