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Brace & cross comb blues


I got da cross-comb blues. I installed a 3+ lb package of bees in my Top-bar hive around March 2015. I was out of the USA for a few months. No one managed my hive while I was gone. In September I inspected my hive and it looks very health with lots of honey, but I have a lot of brace-cross comb. Being that it is so late in he year, I thought I should wait till Spring to correct/remove the cross-comb and brace comb. I have not harvested any honey from the hive. I am please with how the hive built itself up so strong. Should I wait to Spring ??? My top Bar Hive is your Bee Thinking design.


I would definitely wait until spring to do such surgery on the combs. This is an obvious drawback to horizontal top bar hives if left unmanaged for an extended period. However, it sounds like the bees are doing great! It may not be as bad as you think once you go in and do a deep inspection from either end. Usually they start out nice and straight and become progressively crooked toward the honey stores. Often in the spring the bees will have eaten through much of the stores in the crooked combs and you can remove them without doing much harm at all!