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Bottom Screen Board Overwintering


I’ve just built a few top bar hives with bottom screen boards which are cut to spec according to beethinking instructions. As I’ve read different forums of how screened bottoms can create too much ventilation and create less then ideal living conditions it made me think of a few other issues i may need to look out for. Is the corrugated plastic that slides in and out good enough during a Nebraska winter to insulate or does it need sealed up better? Also, would it be recommended to keep the corrugated plastic slides shut all the time and just use them for pest management and monitoring? Lastly, when i introduce my colonies to there new home this spring and the bees have been in the package with the queen for a few days, does it matter where you direct release the queen in the hive like the side wall or screen bottom in my case? I will be starting them on the end with about 10 empty bars.