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Best practice for removing top jar feeder


New b here. I have myself a bee-thinking double-jar feeder in the top box of my Warre hive. It’s time to remove the feeder and I am wondering how best to remove it. The bees are all occupying the space below the feeder screen… despite the fact that the feeder has been empty for weeks. Should I use smoke to get them to move down before removing it? Will sugar spray work? I’m just trying to minimize the amount of disturbance.


I have the same setup for feeding. You can remove the jars, then just take off the wire holder and set it on edge. The bees will crawl off and go into hive. Then fold down open part of quilt. Use a brush to gently remove bees if you need to before replacing quilt box. Hope that helps.


Thanks! I will go forth and do that. :grin:


So the flap didn’t really cover up anything after it had been propolyzed. So I just flipped it over to cover what it could and placed the quilt box gently above it. The bees just stared at me as I did it.


Yeah my flap just came off, if I’m going to remove the feeder I need new quilt, also I have a question if I do remove feeder place quilt box on top of canvas will it stick I don’t my quilt box getting ruined like the flap.


I just bought a couple of the small quilts from beethinking/beebuilt as spares.

When I removed the feeders in the late spring/early summer, I took off the feeder quilt and replaced it with a new solid quilt. That way the quiltbox quilt would not get propolis on it.
However, if it does, just order a large quilt from beebuilt. Remove your quilt box quilt and replace it with the new large one.

On beebuilt website, I didn’t see quilts when I scrolled through. But When I typed in quilt into the search box, they came up. Same thing with the wood shavings for the quiltbox.

I kept my feeder quilt and reused it in the fall feeding.