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Best hive for cold climate?


I live in New Hampshire and I want to buy a hive.
Is any style better suited for cold winters?


Hello, Bo!

Thanks for your question about winters and beehives, smart of you to start looking out as ‘winterizing’ is a very crucial duty to becoming a responsible beekeeper! In short, each of our models, with the right steps, thrive in all climate conditions. Some, like the Top Bar, do take a few extra steps to ensure best heat retention for the bees. Out of our three models, most consider the Warre model of beehive to be the most winter hearty. Features like a built in quilt box (insulating layer in the roof), small box cavity size, 1" cedar, and other features make it resilient. I encourage you to look at the video we’ve made at the bottom of the first link about it!

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