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Beginner Bee keeper with TBH ?'s



Bless you for having this site…and Thanks to google I found you :). With that said I’ll give you a lil of my background and ask my questions.

I was given a Top Bar hive for Christmas. Best gift ever.

I have been attending a Bee club meeting in another county since January they meet once a month. Yet they all do Langstroth hives and none

of the members have a clue about a top bar.

I received a colony 4 lbs that was extracted locally. I got them on Thursday April 25th. I don’t have a true system to feed them. I have made a makeshift

ziplock bag that I have sat in a foil cookie sheet pan that I slid up under my false back thinking I could easily refill and slide it in and out but today when I went to remove it, it was completely empty and the bottom of my hive box was loaded with bees and I was scared if I refilled it lifted up the false back and pushed the cookie sheet back in with the honey mixture feed that I may kill bees on the floor. So I sat the cookie sheet with the ziplock feed on a stack of rocks on the outside by the entrace of the TBH. I feel this was a bad idea but they did empty the bag today and I picked it up at sunset to refill and take back out tomorrow. But I want the right game plan. How does the mason jar full of honey feed work? If I put something like that in the hive doesnt it cause to much with the bees entering in their part of the hive every other day and removing so many bars to get it in and out??? Im not sure either, what I would attach to the Mason jar.

Also how long do I feed them?

When I open my view window it is extremely hard to see inside …shoul I use a flashlight?

I think I have read to leave the false back in for at least 7 days so they will begin their brood to the front of the box. Will they have comb built that quickly?

At this point for what little I can see thru the view window it looks like they have not created any comb.

I am doing my best looking on the internet for information. i do have a video on top bar hives Ive watched but feeding was never addressed.

I will stop here and say in advance THANKS!!! It was so nice to just find a place to ask :)




Thanks for your post. We sell jar feeders with stands (http://www.beethinking.com/double-jar-feeder). They set inside the hive with just enough of a gap that the bees can move under and feed. You can make your own, too, using an inverted mason jar and a couple sticks to elevate it off of the floor. You can cut a hole in the follower board and that way they can access it without building comb around it. You simply refill it when needed without disturbing the bees much at all.

Often they are creating comb and you just can’t see it yet. Wait another week and peek inside and I bet you’ll see some white combs under those bees. Leave the false back/divider/follower in forever. Just keep moving it over as they build.




I’m drilling a hole in the bottom of each corner of my TBH so I can put my $22 endiscope (borescope) on a stiff wire and move it in and out of the hive for inspection. I do not need and will not put in a window. If this link doen’t work, use “borescope” for a search word on eBay.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/280909384016?ss … 1439.l2649