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Bees won't move down?


Hey y’all,

My package has been in their Warre hive for about a month, so I decided it was time to nadir in a new box yesterday. To my surprise, however, the girls had built out the top box 100%, all 8 bars all the way down, but hadn’t built a single cell in my bottom box, even though the lower bars have the same starter strip that the top bars had. What gives? I’m going to try to swap out the bottom box for a new one anyway due to some warpage issues based on my shoddy handywork, but other than that I’m at a loss as to what I can do to encourage them to move on down.

Any idea why this has happened and how to fix it?


Odd. They don’t usually stop in 1 box, but it’s after the 2nd box that they are sometimes hesitant. I’d move a comb or two from the outside of the top box, down to the middle of the bottom box. Sometimes this will entice them to continue downward.