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Bees wax on bars


How important is it to rub the bars with bees wax before installing?

Is this done just on new bars or everytime?

What is the purpose of doing this?

Thanks for the time and answers



HI, John,

No experience yet, but the idea of putting beeswax on the bars has fallen out of favor. It is now believed that comb attached to a bar that had beeswax put on it isn’t as firmly attached as it would be if the bees were allowed to attach their comb to the bare wood.

The original purpose was, I think, to help guide the bees to putting their comb where you wanted them to put it.

I think Matt said something along those lines in another thread somewhere around here.




I melted wax along edge of bars. After installing a package, the bees are happily building great comb almost filling the top box in 2 weeks. And the combs are very straight and organized. No cross comb at all. Applying a wax starter strip seems to have worked well.