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Bees Swarmed, now what


I added a 3# package of bees May 14th 2016. They have been building strong, but only recently started building in the second box with a small amount of comb on 1 of the bars in the bottom box. They swarmed last week. When I opened the hive I could see the swarm cells. It looks like they have plenty of room and I know there is probably not an exact answer as to why they would swarm so soon, but any thoughts? What do I do now? Do I need to check for a queen in a few weeks? Thanks for any help.

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I had similar experience with two Warre hives in the beginning of June. The first hive there were no comb in the second box so after the primary swarm I took the outside combs of the top box and put them in the second box. I did not get any after swarms. The second hive I had 2 1/2 small combs in the second box and they also had a primary swarm. I did not manage the second hive the same way and got two after swarms, the first was the size of a softball and the second afterswarm was the size of a pineapple.
One of the rings I also did to both hives was to remove the mouse guards to help with ventilation. That has seemed to improve the disposition of the bees.